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Who is Last Shot Xpresso?

Last Shot Xpresso was founded in 2018 by a team of championship winning baristas and championship winning athletes.

The passions for coffee and performance shared within the team combined to form our foundation, and core values. This team generated unbeatable recipes for our roasts, and instilled unbeatable discipline into all levels of the business.

Because of our dedication to premium products, first-class service, and the elite-level discipline across our teams, Last Shot Xpresso is arriving at 5 years in business. We’ve grown from at-home coffee bags, to a mobile coffee cart, to 3 physical locations and being served in stadiums.

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It’s where we started. Our at home blends were created by champions, and they’re the perfect start to a championship morning.

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We’re happy to announce new loyalty rewards at Last Shot Xpresso. No matter how you pay, or where you purchase; if you have a loyalty rewards account, you win!

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We take pride in the service and detail that our team members provide at all locations. Whether in the lobby, drive-thru, at an event, or online, Last Shot serves your experience how you want it.

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