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Last Shot Xpresso Coffee House


Freshly Brewed Coffee and Espresso. Boosters, Italian Sodas and Tea. Available Hot or Cold.

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Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads and Pastries. Available Hot or Cold.


Last Shot Xpresso has the best Lattes in the world! Hands down, Big Facts!

Danuel House Jr.

Houston Rockets

I learned the health benefits of drinking coffee and since then it has became an avid part of my life. Starting game day with a cup, and having a cup during pregame warm up is mandatory for me. But i only trust one coffee brand to provide this need and its Last Shot Xpresso.

Deshazor Everett

Washington Redskins

I'm not a big coffee drinker but when I do grab a cup. I'm going with Last Shot Xpresso.

Mike Evans

Our Story

After taking this leap, I wanted to create a product that everyone could enjoy- one that would be a fit for families, professionals, students, and even athletes.  As a student-athlete, I saw coffee as a benefit to many but hesitated to drink it myself because I was scared of how it would affect my performance. I know many athletes and fitness-focused people share this concern. We are all tired of supplements and sports drinks claiming to be the perfect BOOST to get your motor running when they actually destroy energy levels in the long run. Many of my teammates experienced the negative effects of chemical-filled energy drinks. We have made it our mission at LastShotXpresso to provide a variety of blends that are healthier and more natural boosters for ALL to consume. We have also conducted countless taste trials and interviews with professional and collegiate athletes, and even hard working moms! Our aim is to bring you a product that everyone will love.

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